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Jeff is battling end stage renal disease and needs a kidney transplant. Watch his NBC 5 story below!

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Jeff is in desperate need of a new kidney. In 2008 he received a kidney transplant that served him very well until the fall of 2019 when it inexplicably began to fail. During the pandemic last year he was placed on a transplant list. Since that time his health has continued to decline. He has no kidney function and had to start hemodialysis February 2021.

In June 2021 we began doing this at home to provide more flexibility and allow more frequent, gentler dialysis. We do this 4 hr/day four times a week and it usually leaves Jeff feeling lousy and wiped out for the rest of the day. Because his kidneys no longer work, the only way to remove fluids that used to pass through his bladder is by dialysis.

You may not know that this means he can drink almost no liquid anymore, less than 16 oz a day. After his 8oz coffee (his one remaining indulgence), that leaves a few sips of water throughout the day for meds. This was a huge adjustment for him as he loved milk, craft beer, wine and water. He has given up all of those things and many foods that contain minerals or elements that dialysis cannot remove.

Dialysis treatments are Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sun which makes travel very difficult. There are centers where he can receive treatment if they are in close proximity to a destination and if they have an opening. Even then it requires 1-2 months notice.

Dialysis patients are at much greater risk for heart complications and Jeff learned this first hand in late August. He had two heart attacks in two weeks and a subsequent triple bypass surgery to correct over 90% blockage in 3 cardiac vessels. This came as a real surprise to both of us, as he had normal stress and ECHO cardiac tests of his heart just a few weeks prior to these events. He is recovering very well from the surgery and has just completed a cardiac rehab program. He missed deer season last fall, something that he has done every year since he was a boy.

Jeff has two grown sons with three kids of their own and extended family.
We want to do whatever we can to keep him in our lives and get him back to enjoying the people and activities that he loves. This means getting him a kidney as soon as possible.

Due to a restructuring last March, which affects how deceased organs are distributed between transplant centers, far fewer kidneys are available in New England. This means a wait time of 5-7 years for this type of donation. Because of the very long wait time we believe the best chance Jeff has of getting a kidney is through a living donor. We are asking for your help in spreading the word. Please share Jeff's need with everyone you know. There is no greater gift.

Help find a spare to share!
There are several tests that are conducted to determine whether a potential donor is a good candidate. Anyone with diabetes, current cancer, active kidney stones, HIV+ or less than 21 years is not eligible to donate. The costs for all associated medical expenses are covered by Jeff's insurance, including the surgery for the right candidate.

All contact with the Transplant Donor Group is completely confidential. They cannot talk to Jeff or his family about anyone who contacts them regarding donation. We know that not everyone reading this story will be able to donate. You can still help by sharing this website on your social media and spread the word!

Click here to learn more about becoming a donor!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your help,

Jeff's loving family